The executive director Uganda media Center Ofono Opondo has described former FDC presidential candidate Dr Col Kizza Besigye as a time waster and un-serious individual.

This is after Besigye set terms for talks with president Museveni.

Dr Kizza Besigye recently while holding a press conference set five pre-conditions for any national dialogue on the political future of Uganda, among them, a respected foreign mediator with capacity to enforce implementation of agreed terms.
The other conditions include a formal and properly structured framework, having a clear agenda for the talks, putting in place a mechanism to guarantee implementation of outcomes, and coming to the dialogue as equal parties.

Ofono Opondo says that Besigye should not continue wasting Ugandans’ time but concentrate on building his party which clearly is falling part.

President Museveni has always said he would be open to the idea if the discussions were “properly structured” and guarantors for implementation of the outcomes agreed upon.

The Minister of information Frank Tumwebaze earlier said there was no need for dialogue on political issues because there is a constitutional framework that specifies how things should be done, adding that Besigye is living in denial.