The Democratic Party has warned the Vice Chairperson Betty Nambooze against holding a separate conference meeting with delegates from Buganda on the 31st of March.

Deputy General Secretary, Alex Waiswa, who was speaking at the weekly press conference said if Nambooze goes ahead she will be arraigned before the disciplinary committee.

Nambooze maintains that she will go ahead with the conference, which she says is intended to chart a way forward for party reform and mobilisation within Buganda region.

Recently, former Presidential Press Secretary Tamale Mirundi  downplayed Democratic Party (DP) President Norbert Mao’s recent action of travelling to Betty Nambooze’s home in Mukono in the name of talking to her about the current issues disrupting the party.

According to Tamale Mirundi, what Mao did was just adding more ammunition to Mukono Municipality MP to fight him.

While appearing on NBS’s One on One show with Tamale Mirundi today morning, the political analyst said Mao should just expel Nambooze from DP adding that this is a good time to discipline the party.

“Mao thinks what he did was right but instead he was just adding more ammunition to Nambooze to fight him, the only thing he can do is to expel Nambooze from the party,” said Tamale.