The Democratic Party has accepted the resignation of Mohammad Kezaala from his position as party national chairperson.

Kezaala announced his resignation on Monday night after pressure was mounted on him to chose between running party affairs and accepting the position of deputy ambassador that President Museveni offered him.

His appointment was perceived by top opposition members as a grand political move by Museveni to disintegrate the oldest party in Uganda. Several party members tried to convince Kezaala to turn down the ambassadorial appointment to no avail.

In his resignation statement, Kezaala said, “I wish to communicate that as I have been proposed in the diplomatic service as a Deputy Ambassador, a position that requires one to serve outside the country, I will be unable to serve the party”. “Accordingly allow me tender in my resignation as national chairman with immediate effect.”

Kezaala said that since his new job requires him to be out of the country most of the time, he wouldn’t be able to serve his party as required of him forcing him to resign.

He also noted that his new position being a civil service job that requires one not be partisan, he had to resign his DP position.

“It has raised a lot of anxiety from many party members and I have decided to tender in my resignation,” he added.

For a long time, a section of DP members have been questioning Kezaala’s loyalty referring to him as a mole.

Kezaala now joins another DP stalwart Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi who was appointed Minister of State for Youth.