Judge of the high court Justice Margaret Oumo Oguli has permitted 19 suspected accused of murdering AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi, to access medical treatment outside Luzira due to severe wounds.

The High Court ordered that the 19 people remanded over the murder be immediately subjected to an independent medical hexamination to ascertain whether or not they were tortured while in custody.

Justice Margaret Oguli-Oumo has ordered that the African Centre for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture victims carries out the examination. She ordered the organization to give court a report detailing the name, age, diagnostic method, findings and recommendations of the doctor who examines the suspects within two weeks.

The judge expressed her doubts about whether the doctors at Luzira prison, where the suspects have been remanded for three months, can file an independent medical report yet they have not adequately treated the suspects. She ordered that the medical examination should be carried out in an environment free from interference by security personnel who may intimidate the suspects.

The judge has ordered the parties to file written submissions and come back for her ruling on the matter on 20th September 2017.

She ruled that prisons violated the suspects’ right to have medication when they blocked them from receiving outside treatment.

A city lawyer Ladislaus Rwakafuzi claims that his clients’ suspects’ led by filed their application to have special treatment after they were arrested by police from their homes and taken into military custody where they were tortured and denied further treatment.

They add that despite the serious visible injuries, they have not received sufficient medical treatment; those with broken legs have not been given wheel chairs whereas those whose sight and hearing capacities were impaired have not been attended to at all.