Hearing of criminal cases in most courts in around Kampala and Entebbe Municipality stalled as state prosecutors from the DPP’s office begin their industrial strike over allegations of poor pay


This is after the expiry of the 14 day ultimatum which state Prosecutors through their umbrella organisation Uganda Association of Prosecutors gave to goverment to have their salaries increased among other demands.

The state lawyers are also demanding that government promotes state lawyers who have been serving for a long time to senior state lawyers.

According to the organisation Prosecutors earn between 500,000 shillings and 1.5 million shillings depending on one’s rank.

The prosecutors have laid down their tools on grounds that they are poorly paid.

Prosecutors under their umbrella organisation Uganda Association of Prosecutors last month gave the government a 14 day ultimatum to increase their salaries and secure promotions for those on lower ranks who have been serving for quite a long period of time.

Prosecutors earn between Shs 500,000 and more than shs 1,000,000 depending on one’s rank.

Some of the courts affected by today’s industrial action include Mengo, LDC, Anti-corruption court, High court, Buganda Road and City Hall Court.

They have all adjourned cases which had been scheduled for today.

The strike also saw the bail application ruling of Lwamafa and Christopher Obey read in the absence of a state prosecutor at the Court of Appeal.

Only cases prosecuted by the IGG and those that are privately prosecuted by lawyers are on-going.

It is not clear how long this industrial action will last.

Earlier today, the Chief Registrar of the Judiciary, Paul Gadenya issued a press statement saying they had reportedly agreed with the Director of Public Prosecution including Mike Chibita to call off the industrial action, a claim the prosecutors have not confirmed.