Bodies of fallen Uganda Peoples Defense Forces soldiers who died in Alshaabab attacks in Forward Operating Bases at Quoroyole, Buoolomere and Golwen in Lower Shabelle Region of Somalia have been brought home.

President Museveni extended his  condolences to the families of the fallen soldiers. “It is gratifying, however, that the bold but adventurous strategy of Al-Shabaab failed. With constant vigilance, victory is assured. I congratulate our soldiers for the good work, the death of eight of our soldiers not withstanding”, the president said.

On Easter Sunday UPDF Soldiers killed over 35 Alshaabab militants and destroyed six vehicles full of explosives.

The president also  revealed that eight UPDF soldiers died following the attack in Somalia on Easter Sunday. However, UPDF Spokesperson Brigadier Richard Karemire had earlier said four soldiers died in the attack.

Two vehicles of the enemy entered one of the three sites manned by UPDF where one vehicle was detonated and killed the fallen  UPDF soldiers.

Several equipment were captured from the terrorists including; 4 PK Rifles, 2 Rocket Propelled Guns, 2 Recoilless Guns, 1 Walkie Talkie and 18 Sub Machine Gun Rifles.