Politician selling his testicle at Shs18m over poverty – Watchdog Uganda

Kenyan politician and former aspirant for Member of County Assembly (MCA) seat in the last general elections has put up one of his testicles for sale at KShs500,000 (UShs18 Million ).

Ian-Harriel Kowiti, who hails from Uriri Constituency in Migori County, says he’s tired of living in squalor and poverty, and has opted to raise cash by selling one of his testicles.

According to, Kowiti is also willing to part with one of his kidneys for Shs1.5 million (UShs54 million) for ‘a local client,’ and three times that amount for ‘client’ based outside the country.

“What is the need of having two of them (testicles) dangling between my legs if I can still do the job perfectly with just one?” he posed in an interview with Standard Media.

“Imagine that there is someone out there who can’t have a child for one reason or another. I just want to share what I have, for a little profit of course! I’m tired of being broke, yet I don’t need two testicles.”

Kowiti says that he’s selling his precious gem to better his life. However, the soft-spoken 27-year-old explains that money is not the motivation for selling his kidney.

“A doctor friend confirmed to me that you can lead a healthy and fulfilling life with just one kidney. It pains me that there is someone out there who is suffering because of kidney failure and has to spend so much money on dialysis. I have two functioning kidneys, and I consider it the right thing to do to give out one,” he explained.

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