Makerere could scrap schools, senior members

Makerere College is thinking about a proposition to take out the school structure from schools and raise the status of school dignitaries to a supervisory job at school level. 

Under the college’s current structure, a “school” is a unit of a school. Noticeable schools incorporate the Institute of Drug, the School of Law and the School of Open Health.

The suggestion that was appointed by college Bad habit Chancellor Prof Barnabas Nawangwe drew blended responses when it was exhibited to staff yesterday.

Whereas a few individuals from staff respected the thought, others either restricted it or remained on the fence.

Dr Ronald Kakungulu-Mayambala, a speaker at the School of Law and an individual from the Makerere College Scholastic Staff Affiliation (MUASA), upheld the proposition, saying it will enhance proficiency in running the colleges.

Citing the School of Law, which he said does not have senior members but rather has conveyed their center order of educating and research, Dr Mayambala supported for execution of a similar methodology in whatever remains of the schools.

“The center elements of the college which are instructing, learning, development, research and network effort are performed at the unit level, regardless of whether there are schools or not. It will be a decent move to cut expenses and enhance effectiveness since these dignitaries’ jobs are copying jobs of heads of division,” he said.

Indeed, the jobs of schools and offices seem to cover significantly, as indicated by the college’s meanings of the two. The college’s site portrays a school as “a scholarly unit of a school occupied with educating, learning, research and information and innovation exchange organizations dependent on an engaged assortment of information” and an office as “a unit of a school that bargains with center elements of instructing, learning and research elements of a specific centered order, with no less than one program prompting the honor of a degree”.

Associate Teacher Dr Umar Kakumba from the School of Business and Administration Sciences respected a portion of the proposition, yet said others cleared out numerous inquiries unanswered. 

He contended that evacuating schools would over-burden heads of divisions who are now planning both the alumni and undergrad programmes. 

“It (the proposition) is a twofold edged sword. It shortens departmental development in such a case that they are to develop, what do they develop into? Around the world, we have units that are called schools which can develop freely yet not divisions. What are you going to do with the current schools? The School of Sexual orientation does not have a division. What occurs?” Dr Kakumba stressed.

The executive of MUASA said he couldn’t talk for the benefit of the relationship as they had not been counseled and had not taken a gander at the archive. He contended that since the school framework is expected for audit, that procedure ought to take into account a convincing discussion, as opposed to an obviously piecemeal and “tricky” approach the proposition entails.

Associate Prof Goretti Nabanoga, the Agent Main at the School of Agrarian and Natural Sciences, said it will be hard to deal with the universities if the situation of senior members for co-ordinating scholastic projects is removed. 

According to the bad habit chancellor, the report will be talked about by “administration” and sent to the Senate before it is displayed to the College Council.

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