Kanungu Woman MP Dragged to Court for ‘Poisoning’ Parliament Staffer


Kanungu Woman Member of Parliament (MP), Elizabeth Karungi is facing civil charges before the High Court in Kampala for allegedly poisoning a Parliament staff, Donna Kamuli in a mistaken identity.

According to court documents filed by Lwakafuuzi & Co. Advocates on behalf of Kamuli, the incident of poisoning happened on September 1, 2018 between 3 and 4pm at Café Pap on Parliamentary Avenue Kampala.

It is alleged that the woman legislator through an agent who acted for her and on her instructions, administered a poison called deltamethrin and cyprodinil through a packed water bottle labeled ‘Rwenzori for Café Pap’.

The poison could have been introduced into the water bottle through the bottle cap which was found spiked on investigation.

Kamuli narrates that Karungi called her for a meeting on Friday August, 31st which she declined since she was attending a party. She would then make arrangements to meet the following day on Saturday, September 1.

“When it came to 3:00pm I called Karungi to remind her about her appointment and she said she had people to drop in Najeera. Karungi then asked me if there was a restaurant at Parliamentary Avenue where we could meet and I told her of Café Javas and Café Pap,” said Kamuli according to the court documents.

“Within 20 minutes Karungi called me that she was at Café Pap that we could meet there. I drove and parked at Queen’s Chambers an extension of Parliament’s motor parking at Parliament Avenue and walked to Café Pap and on reaching, Karungi offered to buy me something and I chose to take water,” she added.

“It took about 15 minutes for the water to be served, the water was served in a glass in which half of the bottle was poured by the waiter.”

The MP then started telling her that her husband (Allan Kamugisha) was having an affair with a brown girl whom he drives from Kinoni to Parliament everyday.

All this while, Karungi kept encouraging Kamuli to drink her water.

“The plaintiff told her that the girl was a classmate with her husband and was an intern at Parliament and that her husband was merely helping her to give her a lift every morning because he was an intern at Parliament,” read the court documents.

It is also alleged that the MP later told Kamuli that she had paid a deposit of Shs 20m to assassins with a balance of Shs 60m to have the brown girl killed.

On hearing this, Kamuli was shocked and stopped drinking the water. She later told the MP that she had never had an affair with her husband and that he had never given her a lift.

The suit states that Karungi showed the MP photos of the girl and her estranged husband and the latter expressed shock according to her body language. It (suit) further states that the MP’s reaction upon seeing the photos was one that expressed shock, that perhaps she had confronted the wrong person.

The brown lady referred to by Karungi is identified as Sophie Nassuuna. Both Nassuuna and Kamuli are said to be light skinned.

While the two walked out, Kamuli started to experience a lot of pain in the stomach to the level of labour pains.

She immediately telephoned the Police commandant at Parliament who asked her to put the mineral water upside down and that indeed the top pack was leaking after it was spiked.

Kamuli sought all the relevant medication from then where it was confirmed later that she had been indeed poisoned. Todate, she has a permanent one-side headache through the left eye which tears and suffers inability to move when she wakes up.

The poison caused the plaintiff apprehension and fear for her life for which she seeks general and punitive damages.

Kanungu Woman MP, Elizabeth Karungi.


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