Banyenzaki has withdrawn his EALA candidature; blames system for amending & re-amending NRM rules.

President Museveni yesterday had asked  the party to  vote for the party’s candidates in the Eala elections based on regional basis but this only caused acrimony and hig-haga during the hours on end caucus meeting at Entebbe State House. However, today the party  revised the rules guiding the Eala vote saying it is was to be on popular support and not regional based.

Some candidates, like Emmanuel Dombo, opted out for what they considered unfair party rules. Others simply fought the exercise leading to a premature closure of the election exercise.

 Mr Emmanuel Dombo.

With the regional based voting out, Mr Dombo has since announced his return in the race.

NRM is seeking to select six candidates out of 38 to tussle it out in Parliament for the regional parliament slots.
Sources familiar to the decision to jettison the regional based voting say voting by popular vote was returned with two positions ring fenced for the women who would have garnered the highest number of votes.