The Auditor General has emphasised the need for five billion Shillings to carry out a specialised audit on the ongoing Karuma and Isimba multi-billion power projects despite the Ministry of Finance failing to provide the required resources.

Construction of Isimba and Karuma hydro-power dams priced at nearly two billion dollars, approximately 6.7 trillion Shillings, was started with a view of lowering the cost of electricity in Uganda to boost production and investment for job creation.

The Auditor General, John Muwanga has also appealed  to the Finance Committee of Parliament seeking 33.6 billion shillings as additional funds for his docket for the forthcoming financial year.

According to Muwanga, 83 billion shillings is required for the Office of the Auditor General but only 49.4 billion shillings.

He says that the funds are too little to meet the over bearing targets including an ever growing weight of audit backlogs.

Muwanga says that the docket’s targets for the next financial year have increased by 288 to 2583 compared to the current year and this requires additional funding.