By Kiyimba Bruno

Asiatic spots Ltd, yesterday afternoon come out to support the Mbarara rally.

Speaking to the media during the launch of the Mbarara rally, the marketing manager of Asiatic sports Mr.Manpreet Sing  said that they are co sponsors who have come up to support the game with 35 trophies worth UGX2M.

Mr. Sing says that the federation for motor sports has a very good coverage and can have a very god return for the company as well. He adds that this is not the first time they are sponsoring sports but are still keeping it up for better

“We have supported the Uganda national netball team last year with UGX15m as they went to play the world cup” says Mr. Singh

The FMU president Mr. Dousman Oki says that this is going to be an interesting event since it’s a platform for training for all the Ugandan motor sport drivers to participate in the African Rally Championship this year.

Ambrose Byona and Christafis Fitidis are some of the big drivers who have confirmed their participation.

The rally is stated to be in Mbarara from 28th to 29th of January 2016