Anti-Corruption agencies have condemned the unconfirmed plans to procure a chopper for speaker’s in-land movements.

This follows reports indicating that government had budgeted for procurement of a brand new chopper to facilitate the Speaker’s in land movements.

Now according to Cissy Kagaba the Executive Director Anti- Corruption Coalition Uganda, procuring a chopper for a speaker is not Uganda’s priority given it’s current state of economy.

However the parliament‘s Director of Communications and Public Affairs Chris Obore earlier dismissed the allegations saying it is not even reflected in the 2017-2018 budget as alleged

In relation to Corruption, Uganda ranked 151 of 176 countries in the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) annual report conducted by Transparency International in 2016. In the report that was launched yesterday (Wednesday), Uganda scored 25% dropping 12 places from its position in the 2015 report.

Jose Ugaz chair for transparency International in the report attributes the high levels of corruption to deficiency of opportunities for all which has created a vicious circle between corruption and unequal distribution of power in society. “It has become easy for the rich to exploit the poor and the powerful to exploit the opaqueness of the global financial system to enrich themselves at the expense of the public good” said U

Speaking to journalists at the Transparency International Uganda (TIU) headquarters in Ntinda the chairperson (TIU) John Mary Odoy seconding Ugaz said it is because of the increased inequality in the county

“Corruption and equality are the same things, those who have a lot of money have continued to get rich by exploiting the poor and the poor are just getting worse” said Odoy

Odoy also linked Uganda’s poor performance in the (CPI) report to politician’s endless empty promises to tackle corruption and never deliver have made the situation worse by exciting the public with catchy phrases like “zero tolerance to corruption” and the recent “kisanja akuna muchezo” and after turn around against the people they promised and advise Uganda political leaders to walk the talk instead of making empty promise