By Kiyimba Bruno

Afrimech Uganda is now set to take four Ugandan entrepreneurs to Holland to be educated more about the use of construction machines.

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Speaking to the press, the Operations manager of the company Mr. Charles Kavuma said that this is a good opportunity for Ugandans to become experts as well as bringing the learned knowledge home.

It is on this note that he urged the four to learn every thing and come back to teach the learned knowledge to Ugandans.

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“If we have our own who are equipped with knowledge, there will not be any need of us hiring lab our to our country for repairs of machines like bulldozers” Mr Kavuma laments

Previously last year in November, Afrimech launched the Damani product in Uganda where they are now importing these machines to Uganda and then sell them to Ugandans at a subsidized price.

Mr Kavuma also said that if it not good for bosses to mistreat their workers at the work place since they also have their rights. He advised all construction companies to handle the people they employ with care since they are also humans who play a big role in the existence of these companies.

This comes about after workers in the Chinese railway construction company at Kanyanya strike due to poor working conditions.