By Kiyimba Bruno

This afternoon a boda boda rider has been saved by an unknown driver from a policeman who wanted to take a bribe from him. This happened at Kampala road junction as the bodaboda man rode from industrial area in a quest to cross upwards UBC.

ON camera 

The policeman who looked fierce first grabbed the keys of the motor cycle from which he started holding the boda riders shirts exchanging words. From the view where our reporter was, the boda rider tried to refuse to give out money but the policeman kept on forcing him to do so.

It is on this note that one man had to move out of his car smartly dressed in a suit and inquired what was going on. When he came near, the policeman reduced his grip from holding the boda boda man.

The afande then softly returned the keys back to the owner who without looking back kicke started his bike and went.