By Kiyimba.bruno

The managing director of Katumwa sports centre Uganda ltd has commended the cranes for representing and selling Uganda to the outside world.

Speaking this, Mr Katumwa was at his shop near Arua Park during a meeting between him and our reporter.

Mr. Katumwa says that Ugandans should not expect much from the cranes but should be grateful that at least the name Uganda is being sold to the outside world.

According to him, cranes went on three pillars which include the priority of bringing the African Cup of Nations home, marketing of the Ugandan players to the western world as well as selling the name Uganda to the western world.

The mistake that Isaac Insinde made was expected due to the fact that he was playing against high quality and respected players.

‘If we sell our players to the premier league and come back the other year for AFCON, trust me we won’t be the same’ adds Mr. Katumwa

He also thanked Ugandans for the great support that they manage to give the national team. ‘When Uganda is going to play, no ticket remains in Katumwa. Many have bought cranes jerseys maximally that the price which we have placed it is increasing day by day but customers do not mind’ adds Mr Katumwa.

He also adds that when they move outside Uganda, many people ask his country of origin but when he tells them Uganda, it is always sad that they have to first consult google if Uganda exists.