1-YOU ARE CHRISTMAS when you decide to be reborn each day and let God into the inner recesses of your Heart.

2-You are the CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS when your inner virtues are the vibrant colours that adorn your life.

3-You are the CHRISTMAS TREE when you refuse to be overwhelmed by the wind of the tribulations of life.

4-You are the CHRISTMAS BELL when you chose to reach out to others with loving sentiments that summon them to embrace unity and common purpose.

5-Your are CHRISTMAS LIGHT when with your life, you light up the way for others with goodness, patience, joy and generosity.

6-You are the ANGEL OF CHRISTMAS when you announce to the world the healing message of peace, justice and love.

7-You are the CHRISTMAS STAR when you help someone encounter the Lord in a more profound way.

8-You are the WISE MEN of Christmas when you give the best you can without considering the worth of the person receiving your gift.

9-You are the GIFT OF CHRISTMAS when you are a true brother/sister to others

10-You are the TRUE CHRISTMAS GREETINGS when you forgive and esterblish peace even though it makes you suffer some inconviniences.

11-You are the CHRISTMAS DINNER when you satisfy the expectations and hunger of the poor within you vicinity.

Be Merry.