As the year comes to an end, people begin to think about how they’re going to improve themsleves in 2018.

But while most Brits opt for weight-loss related New Year’s resolutions, some have kinkier ideas in mind.

If you want to spice things up in the bedroom next year, it would be handy to know what women really lust after when it comes to sex.

From threesomes to alfresco sex, we reveal women’s top sexual fantasies:

1. Thinking Outside The Box

According to new research, the top dirty desire was having sex in an unusual place.

A whopping 82% of girls fancied spicing things up by doing it somewhere different – like in the office or in public loos (sexy).

2. Power Play

The next most popular fantasy was being dominated sexually – with 65% of women confessing to dreaming about being submissive in the bedroom.

3. Multiple Partners

More than half of ladies (56.5%) have thought about having an orgy. Surprisingly they were also open to spending the night romping with a mixture of men and women.

4. Surrendering

A whopping 52% of women have daydreamed about being tied up during sexual activity and like the idea of trusting their partner to pleasure them in that way.

5. The Unknown

Have you ever imagined having a cheeky fumble with a complete stranger?

It turns out that nearly half (49%) of girls have fantasised about a passionate one-night-stand with someone they haven’t met before.