By Kiyimba Bruno

Uganda air lines is one of the oldest airlines in Africa. By the period it was constructed, many Ugandans were illiterate while the few who had access to education were poor. The number of visitors coming in the country were very few hence little income coming in the country.

“We let Uganda airlines collapse  since it was just making losses and at that time Ugandans were not traveling as much as today” says president Museveni.

When we compare today’s costs for domestic flights;

The cost of traveling from Entebbe to Nairobi, a journey that takes only 45 minutes, costs between USD 300 (shs1m) and USD 800 (shs2.5m)  and the cost of moving in Turkish airlines to any town in Turkey, costs between USD 50 to USD  200.

When you compare, analyze and synthesize, you will have to agree with me that Uganda airlines has a lot to learn.

Following the decision by Air Uganda’s board to close operations, The government is working on a plan to revive Uganda Airlines which was liquidated in 2001 after failed  Attempts by Government to privatize it.