There is panic in State House after security briefed the president that a considerate number of military generals in the army are not in support of the proposed amendment of Article 102b to allow Museveni stand again in 2021 after clocking 75 years.

According to our source from within the top military leadership, the commander in chief has since ordered the chief of defense forces Gen David Muhoozi to investigate and monitor all the activities and movements of top UPDF officers linked to the group of Ugandans opposing the removal of age limit in the constitution.

We have established that Museveni’s directives came after getting intelligence that almost half of his top commanders in UPDF are in bed with opposition members of parliament and other Ugandans who are opposing the removal of the 102B article and that some are playing a great role of supporting them but behind the curtains something that has unsettled the commander in chief.

The monitoring of the top UPDF officers started last month and president Museveni is expecting to get a full report from CDF within a period of three months.

Our spies further revealed that top commanders of UPDF are in panicky mood because they fear reprisal from the president incase their names appear on the report to be submitted to him.

“The outcomes won’t be good for us and as the result we are panicking we have to make sure that we are all present wherever Mzee is attending a function something most of us we have not been doing.” Atop UPDF commander told us.

He added that “This explains why all UPDF chiefs attended independence celebrations in Bushenyi because we know we are being serveiled.”

Another spy also told us Gen Museveni is worried that some retired army Chiefs could have also penetrated the circles of his serving officers whom they have already divided their minds and started supporting the opposition MPs in defending the constitution of Uganda .

Maj Gen Matayo Kyaligonza, a senior commander in the bush war, which brought Museveni to power in 1986, NRM vice chairman representing western Uganda, member of the army’s historical high command, and presently Uganda’s ambassador to strife-torn Burundi, on a Kampala radio on Independence day asked Museveni to take heed of public opposition to his ruling party’s push to remove presidential age limits.

“The president should listen to what people are saying. He should stop pretending to be very busy. He should use this chance [to retire] now when we still love him, not to give a chance to everyone to say he is tired,” Kyaligonza said.

He was speaking on CBS radio’s prime news skit, Nze nga bwendaba (The way I see it), on Monday morning hosted by Alex Nsubuga.

Kyaligonza warned that the controversial proposal to remove Article 102(b) that sets the 35 to 75-year presidential age cap, is taking the country down a dangerous road which spells doom.