Assistant Inspector General of Police Asan Kasingye has been dropped from his role as the Force’s spokesman.

Kasingye, a former director of interpol replaced Andrew Felix Kaweesi who was killed by gunmen as he left his home in Kulambiro, a Kampala suburb.

An internal message by Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura indicates that Kasingye has been relieved to concentrate on his Chief Political Commissar job.

Kasingye has been dropped after serving in the position for about eight months having assumed the office in March.

The memo by the IGP to all police units indicates that Senior Superintendent of Police Emillian Kayima is the new police spokesman.

Kayima has been the spokesperson for the Kampala Metropolitan Police.

The IGP said the changes take immediate effect.

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Gen Kale Kayihura says he dropped Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIGP) Asan Kasingye as the Uganda Police Force spokesperson so as to strengthen the police commissar.

In a communique released by Kayihura titled “Political Education in the Uganda Police Force” to all police unit, Kasingye has been replaced by SSP Emiliano Kayima who has been the spokesperson of Kampala Metropolitan Police. Gen Kayihura says that the reshuffle is meant to strengthen office of the Police Commissar.

“In order to enable CPC concentrate on improving the ideological quality of police officers, and the constabulary through political education, am delinking once again the office of the police spokesperson from the political commissariat,” Kayihura said.

“The single biggest challenge facing the Uganda police is the dominant negative attitudes, values etc. which can only be sustainably carried through political education. Accordingly, I am appointing SSP Emilian Kayima as the new spokesperson.”

The reshuffle comes after a recent arrest of senior police officers by the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence in connection with offences that have left the force’s image tattered.

“By copy of this message, CPC to propose an urgent programme of political education for the units and setting up of a police school of political education which must begin, however, modestly this financial year,” Gen Kayihura’s memo says.

Gen Kayihura said in the memo that Brig Matsiko, the army CPC as well as the National Leadership Institute (Nali), Kyankwanzi should be of help.

“ As we discussed, you should be in the course of December this year after the Police Council meeting, arrange a seminar for all officers, graduands of Nali, Kyankwanzi to give you a head start.” Gen Kayihura said.