Mzee Boniface Byanyima, one of Uganda’s pioneer pre-independence politicians who died a few days back had a touching killer role that he played in this country.


Byanyima, has been the father of Ms Winnie Byanyima, of former Mbarara Municipality MP and the current executive director of Oxfam International. Winnie is a wife of Dr Kizza Besigye, the four-time presidential candidate.
Democratic Party stalemate Passed away recently at Nakasero Hospital, he was fondly known, has been described by many as “rigidly principled” and stubborn. According to his friends and workmates. He was until 2005, the national chairman of the Opposition Democratic Party.
More details have emerged on how Bwanyima’s daughter strengthened/weakened some of the bigwigs around east Africa.
Mzee Byanyima first met President Yoweri Museveni in the late 1950s at Mbarara High School. The two are said to have got along so well that Mzee Byanyima eventually let Mr Museveni stay in his home, commonly known as Green Cottages, in Ruti, 4 kilometres from Mbarara town, on Kabale Road.
When Mr Museveni went to the bush to wage a guarlial war against Milton Obote’s government, Mzee Byanyima reportedly looked after his mother.
Winnie Byanyima
After the completion of her training as an aeronautical engineer, Byanyima worked as a flight engineer for Uganda Airlines. When Yoweri Museveni started the 1981–1986 Ugandan Bush War, Byanyima left her job and joined the armed rebellion. Museveni and Byanyima had been raised together at the Byanyima household as children, with the Byanyima family paying for all Museveni’s education and scholastic needs.
Winnie because she had grown up with Museveni it was much easier for her to cross and join guerilla war. In all the battles they fought, Winnie remained the mistress who could nurse president Museveni feelings and emotions.

By that time Janet Museveni was in Nairobi in exile and later she relocated to Sweden for the safety of her life and children.
It has been established that through the struggle, Besigye who was a combatant and personal doctor to rebel leader then Museveni managed to acquitance with Byanyima


After the war,in 1987,Museveni sent his father Amos Kaguta to talk to Boniface Bwanyima as he was interested in marrying Winnie.Bwayima knowing that M7 was married to Janet Kataha ,he rejected the proposal for .by that time Winnie had spent more than eight months as the official wife.

When the deal collapsed,m7 sent his young brother one Gen.Salim Saleh who chased away Winnie from statehouse to create the way for the return of Janet.


After such scandal, president M7,sent Byanyima to serve as Uganda’s ambassador to France from 1989 until 1994. She then returned home and became an active participant in Ugandan politics. She served as a member of the Constituent Assembly that drafted the 1995 Ugandan Constitution. She then served two consecutive terms as a member of parliament, representing Mbarara Municipality from 1994 until 2004.

In august house,Bwanyima made sure that the likes of Jim Muhwezi,Gen.Saleh and Sam Kutesa who were against her marriage had to face censor due to corruption scams that they had been involved in.

In a more hurtful revenge,Winnie got married to col.Dr. Besigye who fell out with the Ugandan president because of his repressive undemocratic rule despite his earlier stated convictions. In January 2013, Byanyima was announced as the next executive director of

She is a young sister to Winnie Bwanyima; she never followed the path of her elder sister and their dad by joining politics. She has kept a low profile of doing business but later she came into lime light when she started dating Kabaka Ronald Mutebi.The two became an item in London until they had even to produce a kid.

Kabaka was so loyal to Edith; he even tried to marry her as the official wife but her tribe being a Munyankore she could not qualify to produce a next king that’s why Buganda elders had to choose Sylvia Naginda who is a true Muganda woman to be a queen.

She is a jolly beautiful lady who has managed to keep her profile out of this socialite.
When president Museveni was still under the guardianship of Boniface Bwanyima,he used to visit family alongside his two friends,Eria Kategaya and Paul Kagame.its through this relationship that Kagame the current president of Rwanda started dating Naome for some good years. It is said they could be having two kids.

Kagame used to stay with Noame when he was still staying in Makindye around in 1986.but the two split after her father rejected Kagame as being unreliable also.

But Kagame has been secretly taking care of her needs up to now by sending his envoy one Maj.Gen.Mugamba


He is the eldest son of the late dad. He took a path of being a businessman .He has a chain of businesses in Kampala and Mbarara especially as in farming.

Ronald Mwesigye
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