Recently, Speaker Rebecca Kadaga wrote a letter to President Yoweri Museveni on the “Invasion of Parliament” on September 27. (A copy of the reported letter below)


As you may be aware there were some disruptions of Parliament proceedings by some rowdy members of Parliament on the 21stSeptember, 26th and 27th September 2017.

I took action to suspend 25 members of Parliament from the service of the House for three (3) sittings.

However, after I had requested the Sergeant At Arms to remove the Members from the precincts, unknown people entered the Chamber beat up the Members, including those not suspended and a fight ensured for over one hour.

I have had the opportunity to view the camera footages of what transpired and noticed people in black suits and white shirts who are not part of the Parliamentary Police or the staff of the Sergeant At Arms beating Members. Additionally footage shows people walking in single file from the Office of the President to the Parliament Precincts.

I am therefore seeking an explanation as to the identity, mission and purpose of the unsolicited forces. I am also seeking an explanation about why they assaulted the Members of Parliament.

I am also seeking an explanation why the members were arrested and transported and confined at Police stations.

I would also like to know who the commander of the Operation was since the Parliamentary Commission/speaker did not request for any support.

Yours faithfully

Rebecca A. Kadaga (MP)


Fighting ensued September 27 as plain-clothes security operatives stormed Uganda’s parliament to help throw out suspended but defiant Members of Parliament (MPs) who tried to stop the tabling of a consititutional ammendment bill dubbed the “Age Limit” motion.

MP Raphael Magyezi (Igara West,NRM) later tabled uninterrupted, a motion seeking leave of parliament to introduce an omnibus Private Member’s Bill to amend Articles 102 (b), 108(3a) and 108(4) of the constitution.

Now various letters have purported to be responding to the speaker.

The latest fake message was attributed to President Yoweri Museveni in which the framer of the message responds to a letter written by Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga to Mr Museveni demanding some information about the eviction of MPs from the Chambers during the introduction of the Constitutional Amendment Bill, 2017 by Igara West MP Raphael Magyezi.

In the fake letter, dated Friday, November 3 with a State House address, claims it is Ms Kadaga who had two days before the raid on Parliament requested the Commander-in-Chief, Mr Museveni, to ensure the House’s proceedings on that day are not interrupted.

Subsequently, when former Forum for Democratic Change president and four time presidential candidate landed on the letter, he tweeted: Typical Mr M7: As “Commander-in-Chief”, convenes Security meeting but claims not to know what it decided &did! Work with/4 him at yr risk!!”

Dr Besigye accompanied his tweet an image of the fake letter.

Shortly after Dr Besigye’s tweet, veteran journalist and businessman Andrew Mwenda replied his message wondering why Dr Besigye had believed the fake letter.

Mwenda tweeted: “Why do you believe this letter to be authentic? Can u first verify before you arrive at conclusions? You need to learn to be a leader!”

When contacted, Senior Presidential Press Secretary Don Wanyama said Dr Besigye could be behind the forged letter.

“I can’t rule out the fact that he (Besigye) probably has a hand in that forgery, reason he was quick to tweet about it,” said Mr Wanyama.

In a Facebook post, Mr Wanyama said the letter purportedly written by the President to the Speaker “is a fake. It is a concoction”.

He added that whoever is behind the forgery would be traced and brought to book.

“Concerned authorities will get those behind these forgeries and bring them to account”.

Mr Chris Obore, the director of communications at Parliament in a Facebook post said people should always verify the authenticity of messages shared on social media.

Social media is going to leave most people hollow especially those quick to react to whatever they see. You see something and before verifying , you start chest thumping and celebrating like life starts and ends there. Now that Don Wanyama has said the President has not yet responded to the Speaker’s letter , what will those who rushed to make judgement say? Believing everything on social media could be a sign of lack of analytic intellect.

In the recent past other people crafted a message and circulated it on social media claiming the President had replaced the Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura with Maj Gen Jim Muhwezi.