While some people will simply decide they don’t feel a spark, others will have been turned off by something more specific.

A new  Online survey asked readers “What is your biggest turn off in a man?” and the answers might suprise you.

A whopping 35% said a man who smells bad is their biggest turn off.

Founder and CEO of Victoria Milan, a dating site for people looking for an affair, Sigurd Vedal said that smell is something you can easily control.

He added, “There’s no doubt that the scent of a lover is a strong emotional and sexual trigger – years after an affair has ended, you never forget how delicious they smelled.

“You can’t really control how you look, but you can control how you smell – and that’s a huge win, as we’ve revealed what the preference is for men and women across the globe.”

Having an arrogant personality came in second with 22% of respondents revealing they preferred men who were kind.

And while prior research has shown women don’t care about the size of a man’s penis, our survey revealed 20% of women would be put off if a man had a small schlong.

The survey, of 804 women, also found that 14% would be turned off by someone who is bad in bed and 9% would be repulsed by wonky teeth.

Recent research shows women think people should wait until the third date to sleep with someone new, while men think it’s fine to have sex on the first date.