By Namugerwa Martha

The Rotary Club of Kampala Wandegeya has launched a campaign that is aimed at saving mothers and babies from dying while delivering as well as reducing the scourge of fistula in Uganda.

The campaign dubbed ‘’Save a Mother’’, was launched at Kolping hotel with its aim of improving maternity health care in Uganda.

While speaking at the launch of the campaign, the President of Rotary club of Kampala Wandegeya Daniel Lubogo said that fistula is a devastating childbirth injury that has been relatively neglected, despite the impact it has on the lives of girls and women of reproductive age between 19-49 yrs.

Lubogo noted that fistula has a negative impact to the country with over 140,000 to 200,000 women living with this disease, despite the government and Buganda kingdom’s effort to improve maternal and child health services.

“The Save a Mother campaign, focuses on building and equipping maternity and fistula wards in kaliro, in order to improve maternity health care as well as reducing the scourge of fistula in Uganda as it is currently ranks third in the countries with the greatest obstetric fistula cases in the world as per the World Health Organization (WHO) rankings,” Lubogo said.

Lubogo added that the campaign is based on statistics that 336 deaths continue to occur on average per 100,000 live births and about 2,000 new cases of fistula are registered in Uganda annually according to the UBOS Demographic and Health Survey 2016 and UNFP.

“The maternity ward will have four labor rooms which can accommodate at least 10 mothers at the same time. It will have one clinic examination room, one storage room for medical supplies and a refrigerator, which uses gas, and sterilization of equipment is done using a medical steam sterilizer. We hope that accessibility to the proposed maternity ward shall be very easy for the mothers because it is within a distance of only 10 metres from the hospital” Lubogo added.