Global telco company Vodacom has launched a new second generation MPESA platform that will be hosted in Tanzania which is meant to make mobile money service faster while reducing downtime.

With the new advanced platform, Vodacom hopes to respond faster to its customer needs as well as offer new additional products and services.

“We have built the best mobile money world-class platform. And I’m proud to say, given the work done on this platform Tanzanians have an excellent opportunity to grow mobile money and specifically M-Pesa,” said Sitoyo Lopokoiyit Vodacom’s Chief Officer for M-Commerce during the launch.

“This will result into a situation where innovation is not only about Vodacom, Innovation is about the customers, the businesses and Tanzanian developers connecting on this platform to deliver services for their customers, and that is the essence of this platform,” he added.

According to Mr Lopokoiyit G2 was about delivering the next wave of mobile money in Tanzania and noted through the new platform, Vodacom would position itself as the enabler of financial services in the country.

“I see Vodacom opening up our M-Pesa network to new partners so that we can deliver new services to the market such as savings & loans, online payments, insurance and the endless options of financial products.

G2 is going to take Tanzania forward at a more rapid pace than it has ever done before into becoming the world best mobile money eco system,” he said. Huawei Tanzania Managing Director, Bruce Yang expressed hope that M-Pesa services would not be an ordinary mobile money platform as it would include new features and will have more capacity.

“We have a dedicated team of highly qualified professionals who ensure that Tanzanians enjoy World class solutions through our excellent end to end Technology. We have been impressed with the great partnership that we have received from Vodacom throughout that led us to complete the project ahead of schedule,’ he said.