By Kiyimba Bruno

Uganda is expected to experience dry conditions in most parts of the country. Lake Victoria basin and some parts  of south western Uganda  are expected to receive  occasional light rain showers.

According to the Regional Network of Farmers in Africa and South Asia and the UNMA All communities are advised to use food and water sparingly, continue with irrigation of vegetables, practice mulching and zero burning practice. Use food and water sparingly in this dry season.

With this hint prices of goods more especially food have continually gone high at such a rapid race. Farmers are still making losses in the gardens due to the heat. Many had planted acres of maize but  in the end have gained nothing.

Religious leaders,politicians and all leaders at all levels have advised Ugandans to plant trees to avoid such heat in the future. They  say it we continue with such a rate of cutting down the trees in the country, very soon Uganda is going to be a desert.