By Kiyimba Bruno

Susan kasiita , the community based project officer at A rocha Uganda says that they have majorly concentrated towards creation of jobs  for the youths since many graduate end up doing nothing.

With services like gardening, water filtering machines, stoves among many more, they have managed to educate youths on how to do all this kind of work.

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She says that the space gardening technique,where you plant crops in lines saves space and time. It does not also require the use of chemicals to come up with the good yields.

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She took us through the process of making Charcoal briquettes

The process starts with the collection of Charcoal dust, kitchen waste like pilings, tree leaves and all things that can dry. these are collected and burnt until they turn black. This are then crushed to smaller powder particles .

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The burnt product is then mixed with clay soil and cassava  flour as well as water, which makes it stick together. When you are done with the mixing, you are advised to now to go to the next step where you collect the mixed content and put it in a machine to shape it into what type of shape you might.

From here the shapes are taken to a drying rack where they  are dried properly and then packed into a sack where they are taken into the store ready for the markets.

Mrs Kasiita says that compared to the traditional charcoal, Charcoal briquettes can be made from readily available and waste materials and burn longer than traditional charcoal. They are easy to make on a small or large scale, so can be a source of income generation for the family.

Mrs Kasiita advises that government and  teaching institutions should start such  skills teaching programmes at their schools and institution.