Yesterday afternoon, a man with unknown names has died in Jinja while putting up an electricity pole. According to residents, the pole was too heavy for the number of people who were trying to put it up.


Immediately after the incidence, the co workers of UMEME removed their uniform from  the deceased which included an overall that they hid in their vehicle plus a helmet that they threw to the dust bin

They did not stop on this but with in a couple of minutes, all of them had disappeared.


After some thirty minutes, Uganda Police arrived and moved away with the deceased. However the residents showed them what the late was putting on and police moved away with it.


“We are too annoyed with what these people have done. When they put on the uniform, we trust them knowing they truely come from the said company. But now since they have disappeared we have high doubts”  said a resident.


According   Tyson Rutambika, the officer in charge Jinja, the police is still investigating on the cause and are about to call UMEME to answer questions as to why they would deploy such a small number of people to put up that heavy pole