Uganda Joint Christian council has warned of social violence in the local council elections if government does not change the mode of voting.
The executive secretary Uganda joint Christian council Dr. Silvester Arinaitwe says there needs to be open democracy. The council advises that the LC I elections be conducted using secret ballot.
Recently government announced that local council elections will be held in January 2017 and that the election of LC officials will be voted by lining up behind the candidates as opposed to the secret ballot system. He said the government preferred the procedure of lining up behind candidates to reduce on the high costs of the secret ballot system.

He explained that government realised that it would be too expensive using secret ballot voting, compared to lining up.

Voting by lining up behind the candidates for Local Council I and II was adopted in 2014 after Parliament overwhelmingly endorsed it during the debating and passing of the Local Government Amendment Bill 2014.