By Kiyimba Bruno

Searching and finding the right project management consulting firm can easily optimise your project and programme results.


According to Lilly Obina, the executive director KAIZEN BENCHMARKS says project management is a fast growing industry with a forecast of 41.5 million jobs to be created by the year 2020 with an average salary of approximately $100,000 and one can be employed anywhere in the world.


While speaking to the mass at Imperial Royal hotel Kampala during the launch of BEVA, Lilly added that she’d like to see  Ugandan professionals become more  marketable allover the world and  competitively earning a great salary that will put them in the middle class.

“They just need the right skills to be able to compete”, she added.
Project management expertise is the largest management member association, representing more than 600,000 practitioners in more than 185 countries. As a global thought leader and knowledge resource that advances the professional thought through its global standards and credentials, collaborative chapters and virtual communities and academic research.


Lillian says that she knows her country Uganda and she knows that project management is the best thing that can help business men and other career opportunities. “I have met many directors, CEOs,business men in Uganda since I came back, they have good planning but luck the skills to run and manage their businesses” says Lilian.
Canadians prefer to get people who are qualified and and can do their work on standard and give them jobs with citizenships in their countries.


In the guide research, many Ugandans create businesses but they always collapse due to the fact that they don’t make proper analysis of their businesses. They do not plan hence at the end of the day if the business has lasted for Long, it is normally six months. They always do businesses according to peer influence. Some after kick off, they have to use “juju” (margic of the witch doctors) to make their profits come very first. In the end the “juju” practitioners only end up eating g money that would have been used for more capital investments.