By Kiyimba Bruno
The minister for tourism Mr Godfrey Kiwanda has called called upon all stakeholders to join hands with the government of Uganda to ensure that PWDs live a decent and dignified life.
This urge was released by the ministers representative Mr Martin Wandera during a press conference today at the Uganda Media Center.
Under the theme; “Skilling PWDs -a tool for poverty alleviation”, the  government is inviting the public in to attend  international day of PWDs. The ceremonies are going to take place in Adjumanin District at Paridi Stadium.
The international day of PWDs in Uganda is organized and commemorated on a regional basis by Government in collaboration with organizations of PWDs.
Each year a specific theme is identified from the broad  UN theme to guide the preparations and commemorations.
This is therefore Uganda’s role to make sure that all Ugandans are empowered to participate in the development process and adopt skills for self sustainance.
In Uganda the levels of PWDs has reduced to 12.5% where 14% are children between 4 and 12 years.