In a statement seen issued by the Ministry of internal affairs, the government of Uganda has reduced the visa fees with effect from 22nd July 2016.

This comes after the Ugandan Minister of Internal Affairs,  Jeje Odongo issued a Statutory Instrument No.13 of 2016 for the amendment of the Ugandan Citizenship and Immigration control fees.

“All people seeking to enter Uganda shall consequently pay USD $50 instead of the UD $100.  All Ugandan borders have been notified to effect the change” reads the statement.

“The move is aimed at promoting the tourism sector as we implement the newly introduced e-visa where we require applicants to apply, have their visas approved with notifications sent to them and visas issued at their borders and embassies” said the Ugandan Immigration Office in a statement.

“The Ugandan Citizenship and Immigration (Fees), Regulation 2016 are amended in paragraph (a) of item 2 of part 1 of the schedule by substituting for the fees of US $100 corresponding to the Single Entry Visa, a fee of US $50” said Jeje.

South Sudan government and her counterpart Uganda have been in discussions to make the entry fees remain at US $50 following complaints by travellers over increased entry visa fees.

The Ugandan internal affairs ministry, issued a circular on 30th June and effecting on July 01st 2015, announced that it had increased its single entry visa fees under section 4 sub paragraph (i) of the country’s Finance Act of 2014.

This development comes after Uganda effected the online Visa application has always been cited by visitors in the country as the greatest impediment dogged by corruption and inefficiencies.

The Visas that can be applied and obtained online include Multiple-Entry visa, Diplomatic and Official visa, Ordinary visa, East Africa Tourist Visa (multiple entry valid for 90 days to Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda) and Transit visa.

Under the online application system, the decision taken on the application will be sent electronically through the email provided by the applicant. If approved, an approval letter will be sent as an attachment to the email provided. The applicant will be required to print it out and present it together with a valid passport / travel document at the point of entry.

The Uganda Electronic Visa/Permit Application System performs checks against law enforcement databases. All travelers seeking admission to Uganda are required to obtain a Visa using this system prior to being granted boarding.

The final approval is done at the selected point of entry (in the case of a visa) or at the Immigration Office. However, if you are out of Uganda, it is mandatory to present a valid visa approval letter for entering in Uganda. Any other permit does not allow you to enter the country.

Through the month of July 2016, it will still be possible to get visas on arrival. However, the traveler will have to go through the electronic application process (as above) at the point of entry. This will only apply in the month of July 2016, after which all visa applications shall be online.

The country has also adopted the single EAC tourism visa which allows tourists who want to visit simultaneously, the Republic of Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda to do so using a single tourist visa which costs only $100.

The holder of the East Africa Tourist Visa shall enter from the country that issued the visa and move within the two other countries without applying for another visa or paying another visa fee.

The holder shall also be allowed to move out of the Republic of Kenya, Republic of Rwanda and Republic of Uganda; and return without having to pay for another visa. However, this will only be applicable in the period of 90 days.

This comes as numerous studies suggest that African citizens undergo through the most rigorous visa restrictions than anywhere else in the world with the Africa Development Bank’s Africa Visa Openness Index Report indicating that on average, Africans required visas to travel to 55 per cent of the countries within the continent