By Kiyimba Bruno

  1. Do not sleep at work

Many people often get bored while at their places of work. In the due end they end up putting their heads on the tables, others start dosing, if it’s a saloon some ladies even get a mat and begin serious sleeping.
If am your boss and find you in such a mood, trust me next day you wont be me employee.
You must always be positive at work Try to avoid all the risks that could mislead you always get something to do.
Do not wait for work to find you, look for it. Always give your bosses new and developing ideas. Always be smart The language you speak matters. If we start our new weak with such a positive mind, the result too shall be positive.

2. Treat your employees as friend

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Many people do businesses and forget that the people they employed are actually their friends not slaves. When a boss enters the office, all workers stand up until when he leaves.

Trust me with a situation like this, your employees shall never do things to their best. This is because they always fear you.

What you reap is always what you sow. they shall fear you more instead of concetrating on their work to produce better results.

Make them your friends