Justice Anthony Ojok Oyuko of Fort Portal High Court has accused Tooro Kingdom officials of failing to respect court summons.

In 2013, George Kusemererwa on behalf of the clans council of Tooro dragged the kingdom to court for operating illegally after Omukama Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV suspended the kingdom constitution.

Omukama Oyo suspended the 1999 constitution and subsequently appointed an eight-member committee to amend some of its sections.

Kusemererwa also requested court to place an injunction on all activities of the kingdom, arguing that the suspension of the constitution and yet it guides in the management of the kingdom affairs, meant that without it no activities can go on.

In the same suit, Kusemererwa also sued Bernard Tungwako, the kingdom premier for occupying the office illegally when there is no constitution.

However for more than three years, the case has hit a snag due to failure by the kingdom lawyers to turn up in court, despite being served with summons.

On Thursday, during hearing of the case, Justice Oyuko said he is disappointed that the defence team has again failed to turn up in court. Oyuko said that the case has unnecessarily dragged on which has wasted court’s time.

He said that several summons were served to David Galihamutwe, the kingdom administrator to appear in court.

In his ruling, Oyuko directed Kusemererwa’s lawyer, Johnson Musana to again serve the kingdom with summons for the last time to appear in court on September 1st.

Oyuko said that he will go ahead and give the ruling with or without the lawyers of the kingdom.

Kennedy Gusalire, the kingdom spokesperson says that he was not aware of today’s court session, but noted that he will inquire from the kingdom’s legal department why there was no representative in court.

Kingdom officials have in the past said that the suspension of the constitution hasn’t affected the operations as alleged by Kusemererwa in his suit.