Details have emerged on how president Museveni came to know Christine Mbabazi a girl friend to former AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi, the website has learnt.

According to sources within State House, the president through his own intelligence was informed that Mbabazi had some useful leads which could help in the investigations of Kaweesi killers.

This sourced added that the president later summoned police chief Gen Kale Kayihura and instructed him to look for a one Christine Mbabazi and take her to State House with immediate effect.

Kayihura who never knew this so called Mbabazi also called his counterpart of CMI Abel Kandiho and discussed with him and were all surprised how president got this information and this lady.

It is indicated that Kayihura first met Mbabazi while she stayed in Bukoto and asked her what she knew about Kawesa’s death but she chose to keep quiet.

In June, Kayihura took her to the president in company of CMI boss Kandiho and ISO’s Col Kaka Bagyenda.

After Mbabazi realized that she was in safe hands before the president, she pulled out a flash disk which was hidden in her hair and handed it over to the president.

“All of us were who were around we were shocked how she managed to smuggle that flash disk in her hair and what was recorded on that disk.” One of the president’s handlers intimated to us.

The lady reportedly told the president that, she was a girl friend of Kawesa and that she had put the information of Kaweesi murder on the flash disk.

Sources from State houses narrated that, Museveni kicked security chiefs out of the meeting and asked his handlers to play for him the recordings on a computer.

The commander in chief later informed his officers that he now knows who killed Kawesa and the reason why he was killed.

Museveni promised to pay rent for Mbabazi and some money for upkeep.

Museveni ordered CMI and Kayihura to go on and do some investigation over these recordings.

Kayihura instructed Crime intelligence Col Ndahura Atwooki to dig more.

It is indicated that ISO which didn’t know what happened between Mbabazi and Museveni did parallel investigation.

It is further indicated that ISO followed Kawesa’s phone which indicated that on the evil of his murder, he had contacted Mbabazi and had spent time together.

ISO’s Col Kaka later reportedly instructed Lt, Juuko Sserwanga and a one Tugume who arrested Mbabazi and forced her to admit that its police who killed Kawesa something that she rejected.

Mbabazi later from Bukoto to Lungujja in Rubaga division but ISO went and put her on house arrest saying she was hiding something and police is trying to protect her.

It is alleged that one Lt Juuko even forced her to record a video confessing that about 6 top police officers were the ones behind the killing of Kaweesi.

Juuko also reported wanted to leak the recording to several media houses but the plan never succeeded.

It has also been established that Kaka himself while interrogating her reportedly asked her whether President Museveni had called her.

She allegedly denied having talked to the president but the ISO chief never wanted to hear and shut her up.

Last week, Mbabazi used her phone and sent a massage to Flying squad boss ACP Herbert Muhangi who went for rescue but were stopped by ISO operatives who were camped at her residence until the president sent a neutral force from his elite force to guard her.

ISO and police later withdrew from her Lungujja home

Meanwhile in a turnaround, Internal Security Organization (ISO) is holding a cyclist in its safe house who Claims that Kaweesi’s girlfriend and a section of police officers masterminded the killing of former AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi. Spy reports has learnt.

According to source at the Nakasero based ISO headquarters, the suspect with a pseudo name Rasta currently held at an unnamed safe house around Kampala during one of the intensive squeezing by ISO operatives alleged that Kaweesi’s girlfriend Christine Mbabazi was in the meeting that took place at Kati Kati restaurant a day before Kaweesi was assassinated.

This ISO source also claims that this suspect also has gunshot wound in one of his hands which he sustained during the fire exchange between Kaweesi killers and his guards.

Rasta was reportedly hired as the driver of the motor cycle which carried one of the killers in Kulambiro March 17 shootings.

It is reported that Rasta was shot in the hand by Kaweesi body guard Kenneth Erau after the killers indiscriminately opened and showered their car with bullets.

This source whom police alleges is coached by ISO operatives also claims that Mbabazi allegedly after the meeting delivered shs 200 million to Kaweesi guards who were also reportedly part of the deal.

An ISO operative alleges that the body guards were part of the deal but only knew their boss was the only target.

It is also indicated that master minders also decided that his guards also should be eliminated in order to kill evidence in future.

Our spy added that the cyclist who is currently tightly guarded is set to be taken to president Museveni to pin Mbabazi and other six police officers who were allegedly in the meeting.

““It’s a shame to see Mbabazi denying being behind the murder of Kaweesi yet she is the one that planned it and has carried similar other deadly missions across East Africa.” A source noted.

It has also been established that the late Andrew Felix Kaweesi snatched Mbabazi from the former late city tycoon Wilberforce Wamala.

A hitherto prominent trader in Kikuubo, Wamala was murdered alongside his house-help Siddique Mugerwa at his home of Mutungo Zone 3, a Kampala city suburb.

Family and a report authored by one of the police detectives who, religiously sought justice for the family, and whose efforts nearly led to his loss of life before he jumped into exile pin pointed late Kaweesi as being behind the tycoon murder although the slain former police spokesperson before his death relentlessly denied involvement in the murder and killing investigations.