Making love has long been a source of health benefits.

It helps you to de-stress, have a better sleep and you get a workout in while you’re at it.

And now there’s evidence that suggests it will also help stop you from catching a cold.

Researchers from Wilkes University, Pennsylvania have said having regular sex can help boost your immune system.

This is because people who have sex at least twice a week have 30% more infection-fighting immunoglobulin A (IgA) in their saliva than those who weren’t actively having sex.

They found this by collecting data from 111 university students – 44 men and 67 women – and asked them how often they had sex.

The researchers then measured each student’s immune system by testing their saliva for IgA.

“We found concentrations of IgA to be approximately one-third higher in the frequent group (having sex more than twice per week) as compared to all other categories, including the very frequent group,” psychologist and study author, Carl Charnetski said.

Another study from 2015 looked at the menstrual cycles of 30 health women – half of whom were sexually active and the other half who were not.

The team found the sexually active women displayed more changes in helper T cells – which manage the body’s immune response by getting rid of microbes invading your body. They also found higher levels of IgA in women who were having sex frequently.

The reason for this the study claims, is sex can alter the fame body to “increase chances of pregnancy”.
“We’re actually seeing the immune system responding to a social behavior: sexual activity. The sexually active women’s immune systems were preparing in advance to the mere possibility of pregnancy,” study author Tierney Lorenz said.

Even if you aren’t having regular sex, solo sex can also build up your immune system.

This is because ejaculation increases levels of the hormone cortisol and can help regulate your immune system.