What is the point of a beard, evolutionarily speaking? Children, women, and a whole bunch of men manage just fine without one.

Here we examine five reasons for growing beards.


Moustaches and beards have been documented to reduce exposure to the skin from dangerous levels of ultraviolet radiation, thereby significantly kicking out the chances of skin cancer – especially for those of us who spend most of the day trekking under the blazing sun.

Ever thought of the high risk of contracting infections ( bumps and rash) just because of shaving? Well the cause of these irritations have been mostly attributed to the infections contracted from our disposable shaving blades which cut deep into our follicles. Ask all men with clean shaped moustaches and they will tell you keeping their magical moustache was all they ever needed to keep save from these abrasions.



Of all the requirements that determine a man’s sex appeal, one that stands out is his facial looks. In fact, in countless studies of the faces of men around the world, the ones rated the most attractive have always been those with the most symmetrical facial features. If a man’s face is somewhat less symmetrical, a moustache or a beard can create the illusion of a more symmetrical face, as well as a more pronounced jaw which is also a major factor in sex appeal. Get the girl and your DNA lives on forever.

A moustache is natures natural UV Light shield. That’s right, recent studies published in the journal, Radiation Protection Dosimetry, have shown that beards and moustaches actually block UV Light exposure keeping wrinkles and sun damage at bay. Protect that tender upper lip today and hit the beach, just remember a tube of sunblock for the rest of your body!


Maintaining a moustache has the potential of keeping biting insects away. In fact, field tests (literally done in a watery bog of a field) shows men with facial hair are less likely to be bitten by insects, whereas men with a clean shave were prone to insect bites. With all the diseases that are spread by these little pests it’s clear that keeping some fuzz as a preventative measure is better (and cheaper) than a visit to the doctor, don’t you think so?