By Kiyimba Bruno

After the long warnings from the bible,there have been allegations on whether the beast exists or not. Pastor  Mathew David from the USA comes with a warning.

” The symbol of the beast is in the dailay things we use” says Mathew

He says that time is going to reach when everything we use contain the symbol of the davil. Mathew continues to Alpert  people that the day to day activities are going to run with this symbol which contain the mark. Most of these gadgets are technology related gudgets like in computers,telephones,credit cards and many more,yet these are the day to day things that human beings use. Time is going to come when we no longer use national ids,credit cards and the like since this shall be the only mean to purchase goods. He mentioned some of the countries which have already started using the chip of the beast which included south africa

Pastor mathew I’d a civil servant with in  the prison department in the American government. He grew up in a Baptist background and is seated on an 80 acres piece of land with a well built flat SNF a wife. Funny but true about Mathew,he does not know how to use a computer and a cell phone but uses landline technology in his house