By Kiyimba Bruno
Under the theme “Reject and report corruption:your responsibility”,the fight against corruption is a collective responsibility and should not be left to government or government agencies”, Mrs Magarate Sekaggya ,the executive director for the anti corruption coalition egency in a press confrence at hotel Africana this afternoon,met the media to discuss on the status of corruption globally. This was done after a long day conference at hotel Africana where different activists expressed their views on corruption.
Among other speakers was hon. Medad Seggona,who gave his view on the parliamentary forum on human rights ,rule of law and constitutionalism.
It is in this meeting that Hon Seggona requested Mr Erasmas Twaruhukwa,the representative of Uganda police bout the fate of Arinaitwe who damaged Dr Kiiza Besigyes car glasses and spraying paper spray into the doctors eyes.