By Kiyimba Bruno

Super markets around Kampala have continued to reduce on the prices of their commodities due to the nearing gap of the Christmas season.

Fruits at Shoprite go as follows;

Imported  oranges range from UGX 12,000 to UGX 19,900 as imported from  Europe.

Apple gravy a kilogram is sold at UGX 9,500 as apple gravy green being at the same price as well.

‘’Bogoya’’ the yellow bananas are sold at 4,000 as water melons remaining at UGX4,800.

PEP super market in Kampala Nakasero has come up  the lowest prices ever for the ‘’TOTOS’’. Or children on the other note.

Dresses or shirts are ranging at UGX 33,000 as girl’s canvas pumps being as low as UGX 16,000. Baby boys golfers sold at UGX12,000 each as baby boys jeans going as low as UGX15,000.

Baby girls pumps are sold at UGX 17,000 with baby rattles being as low as UGX 4,200 only.

Game stores at Lugogo have come up with a super reduction as most of the commodities have gone lower.

Jameson wine is sold at UGX7700 as minute maid reducing by UGX100 to come to UGX 1900. Muchere rice super is at UGX 27,000 a kilogram as nestle quality street 500g bag staying at UGX 28,800.

An Intel Celeron ideapad notebook with windows 10 home,N3060 processor of 1.6GHz,up to 2.48GHz system is sold at only UGX 1,329,000.

A division couch that excludes accessories is now reduced to UGX 1,000.000 as a KHC white top freezer fridge  with direct cooling ,B energy rating ,Dimensions 142cm by 50cm by 8cm, having crisper draws for easy viewing with a 12 months guarantee is sold at only UGX 899,000

Samsung system home theatre 330 WAT ,with GM radio, is only sold at UGX 59,300, as canon DSLR camera with 18 megapixel CMOS sensor and a 12 months guarantee is sold at only UGX 1390,000 at game stores Lugogo