The spokesperson of Forum for Democratic Change-FDC, Ssemujju Ibrahim Nganda has warned that President Museveni will eventually use all the money in the consolidated fund, noting g the rate of unnecessary expenditure.

Honourable Ssemujju who is also the MP for Kira Municipality penned this after visiting a woman idenfied as Harriet Nakwedde together with her 7 month old baby on 27th October at the “dilapidated” Lugazi Regional Police Headquarters where she was detained after she had gone to visit a colleague arrested for the same “offence” four days earlier.

While he was at Lugazi Regional Police Headquarters, he noted that it was in dilapidating state witnessed by “wooden door shutters to the two-storeyed office block rotting away with some parts falling off.”

He also noted that “to climb to the second floor where the regional CID sits, you have to keep jumping stagnant water on the stairway.” something which show’s without “doubt about the collapse of the State.”

He therefore questioned the budget of the police which “has grown beyond imaginable proportions since Gen Kale Kayihura took over in 2005.”

“To be exact, the police budget this year is Shs 524 billion. Trouble is that this whole budget is abused, which has become the main feature of this regime,” said honourable Ssemujju.

” For example, Shs 95 billion will be used on classified assets, Shs 20.9 billion on classified expenditure, Shs 29 billion on special meals and drinks, Shs 14 billion on training, Shs 16 billion on electricity, Shs 11 billion on water, etc,” Ssemujju also noted.

He consequently, said that explains why ” Many of us have been driven around in convoys because the rulers want to demonstrate power.” adding the “half of the money collected from Ugandans is spent on their welfare; few would be lining up for visas to go and sweep roads in Dubai, Qatar, Oman and Saudi Arabia where they end up being abused in several ways.” Hon Ssemujju noted.

“Our taxes are now being used by the regime to rent support. That is how within a flash, the revolutionary leader has found Shs 13 billion to throw at us members of parliament under the guise of consultations. rable Ssemujju, after stating this noted
I have written about police stations (residences and offices) before. What has hit Lugazi is what has hit Naguru, Kibuli, Nsambya, Kira, Jinja Road, Wandegeya, etc. They are all in a state of disrepair,” Ssemujju said.

He also further revealed that “in an NRM Central Executive Committee (CEC) meeting at State House Entebbe, regime senior leaders also demanded and were given money. In fact, each CEC member will be given a brand new vehicle and a monthly allowance of Shs 10 million.” adding that the 600 members of “the NRM National Executive Council (NEC) will each be given cash to convene district and sub-county conferences for consultations!”

Interestingly, he doubted “and who knows, NRM village chairpersons may also demand and be given money to consult their spouses and in-laws.”

Ssemujju said this happened at a time when “our public debt is now over $10billion (Shs 35 trillion), nearly 40 per cent of our $27 billion GDP.”

“Money collected from taxes is being used to rent support for our ageing leader who loves calling himself Jjajja! And I fear many may want to take advantage of his advanced age and associated vulnerabilities,” noted Ssemujju.

He said “some of us have returned the Shs 29 million given to each MP for alleged consultations not because we don’t have needs. We are simply saying no to this looting.”

The official claim is that parliament knows where this money came from. But even a person of average understanding knows that NRM chief whip Ruth Nankabirwa has been the spokesperson of this money.