Spurs Facing 31st May Deadline to Make Decision on Possible Wembley Stay Extension

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Tottenham Hotspur have until the end of the month to tell the FA over whether or not they will be extending their contract at Wembley for another year, as they continue to be concerned about whether or not their new stadium will be finished in time for next season. 

The Times report that Spurs were granted the option by the FA to play a few matches at the national stadium next season, with the club suggesting to the Premier League that they start their season with a string of away matches, just like Liverpool and West Ham United did in previous year. 


However, the Premier League seems to be hesitant in giving Spurs more than the three away matches to start off their season.

If Spurs were to use the option of playing a few matches at Wembley before the opening of their new stadium, then the Premier League will have to bend its rules that states that a team may only play all of its home matches at one stadium.  


Spurs will have the same issue with UEFA with the Champions League getting underway in early September. Should the new stadium not be ready in time, the club will have to ask UEFA permission to start their campaign at Wembley, before moving to the new stadium once it’s ready.

Spurs are expected to adhere to the deadline of 31 May and will also have to provide the Premier League with information on the expected opening date of the new stadium.​


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