Uganda is losing between two to three billion Shillings daily in exports to South Sudan following the recent conflict in the country, according to the Uganda Export Promotions Board.

Ely Twineyo Kamugisha, the Executive Director Uganda Export Promotions Board, says that figures compiled by the board show that there is a drastic drop in trade between the two countries, since war broke out on July 8th.

According to Kamugisha, Uganda is likely to lose more should the tension in South Sudan continue. South Sudan has been the biggest destination of Uganda’s exports ranging from agricultural products such as eggs, chicken, food supplies and fruits to fish, construction materials and human resource.

More than 20,000 Ugandans who were involved in various activities in South Sudan were evacuated by the army last week. According to Kamugisha, the evacuation of the Ugandans has contributed greatly to the slump in trade and services they have been offering in the country.

He says as a result, Uganda Export Promotions Board is currently hunting for alternative destinations for Uganda’s exports outside the East Africa Community member states. Sunday Obini, a trade in Arua, who has been exporting eggs to South Sudan, says he has decided to focus on the local market and neighboring district.

He however, says this has taken a huge toll on his earnings since he is selling a tray of egg at almost the same price he bought it from his suppliers.