My friend William has been dating “Nancy” for over 3months now and everything has been going fine. Till last week when he decided to invite her to his place for a weekend. When they were together, her phone started ringing but she refused to pick her call.

He asked her why she didn’t pick. She said nothing, and for him to check who the caller was, he discovered it was ‘Barclays Bank calling’; He begged her to pick, may be the Bank wants to give us some Dollars. After that, another call came in, ‘DFCU Bank calling’, she ignored it. UBA followed; this time, William decided to pick it but the caller didn’t talk.
A minute later, Stanbic Bank called, she put it on hold; When Centenary Bank called, she rejected the call. Later after an hour, I saw ‘Equity Bank calling’, and she picked it and answered the call well. Later when he asked her, she said that, one of her Uncles working there had used the office landline to call her.

Well, a few minutes later, World Bank called and she was so happy to pick the call. After she had finished receiving the call, William decided to also call flash her using his phone.

Guess what He saw….?! “Micro Finance bank calling”. This was Really painful……At least she should had called me CITI Bank, he said!