Fashion always seems to be getting inspiration from somewhere.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, then comes the one thing that shocks every nerve in your body. Fashion has many rules and from these pictures, we are learning that one of it might be if it isn’t scary, it doesn’t look good.

1. Ghetto queen
I am not sure what look the transgender was going for but yellow masquerade comes to mind.

2. N*k*d doll

Did she run out of a low budget p*rn* movie set?
3. The Pork reunion

Someone call the head pig, one of them is walking round town naked.

4. Who let the dog out?

Can’t make out what this is. Band aid to cover bites from a shark attack?
5. Murder pink

Have mercy on the colour please!

6. Scary fat cat

7. Her daughter’s shorts?

Is that a tear on the left side? Don’t people go to jail for pulling stunts like this?

8. Ratchet dot com

Definitely transgender.

9. Human wings

Taking flying lessons in your wingy outfit now, are you?