By Kiyimba Bruno
By around 6:00pm on Friday, streets heading to kololo were all crowded. Vehicles were not moving. Only pedestrians could manage the speed.
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Motor cycles had no way. Cars lined up just as pedestrians ,ending up making a long que to simplify the entrance.
The tickets for  the VIP tables were the first to get consumed. Now even the VIP class ended up lining for the ordinary Ticket.
As I got my way in some one said;
“If it means dying for Sheba’s ticket, let it be. This is a story to tell”
As a journalists, these guys had already accredited us. So I had to time to sweat.
The stage hmmmnmnmnm.
The people……..
Men or women…….. That was the time of fun.
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Aziz Azion and other celebrities first warmed the stage for the queen.
By the time Sheba came to the stage, we were already turned in. Just eager to wait for the voice of the “twesaana” queen.
In a long red veil,putiing on shades, the queen comes to the stage. With dancers in black,,,, wow wow wow.. It was marvelous.
I don’t think there is a song that this queen failed to sing because it was not CD music. But live wire.
By the time she left the stage, every one was happy, drinks were takes at maximum and what else other than partying