Early this week, (UCC) asked all existing subscribers to update their SIM-card registration information in seven days or they will be deactivated. National Identity Card (IDs) and passports, for the case of foreigners, will be used to verify, re-validate and re-register SIM-cards for all subscribers.


The announcement came after a closed meeting between UCC, the telecoms, National Identification and Registration Authority (NIRA) and National Information Technology Authority (NIITA).

The meeting, Mutabazi said, had agreed that all existing subscribers should present their National Identification (IDs) or passports if they are foreigners to their operators for verification within seven days. Lists of verified subscribers by telecoms will be then be presented to NIRA for validation using their National ID database.

However, the Lawyers are questioning the legality of that directive saying that it’s problematic.

“Our considered view is that the manner in which the directive has been imposed is problematic. The directive to use only the national ID is not supported by existing law,” Uganda Law Society said in a statement on Thursday.


ICT experts also said that a new directive for subscribers to re-register their SIM-cards using national ID cards in seven days is not practical.