The deputy secretary general of Uganda’s ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party, Richard Todwong, has told three-decade president Yoweri Museveni to deal with corruption or else the people will push him from power.

Speaking in Entebbe on day two of a meeting to assess the progress of a national dialogue plan, Todwong noted that Museveni’s government officials were stealing tax payers money to erect mansions.

“The hills of Kampala are expanding with buildings, but schools, health centres are shrinking,” noted Todwong.

“So, where do these people get this money from? And who are the owners of these structures we see around: commissioners, directors, ministers, permanent secretaries — so, people get disgusted.”

He cited corruption, nepotism and greed as things which will sink Museveni’s government if not dealt with.

“Corruption, greed and nepotism are things that are making Ugandans more disgusted in the leadership of our party in government,” he said.

Todwong revealed that he had warned Museveni that corruption would sink his government.

“I’m speaking to you this because I know….. I have to be honest because my church told me to be honest. I have told this to the president,” he further stung.

“If we don’t control our greed and how we use public resources, then Ugandans will push us out of power.”

He added that the corrupt were looting as much as they could uncertain of their future in government.

“During the process of transition, those in leadership may want to collect as much as possible because they don’t see themselves coming back in the next government.”