By Kiyimba Bruno

In the fight against insecurity of people’s lives, Uganda police has warned Ugandans on a tight note not to swim beyond 6:00PM. This was said by Afande Felix Kawesa, the police spokesperson in a press conference he had yesterday at the Uganda police headquarters Kampala. Afande Kawesa says that even children below the age of 18 years shall not be allowed to enter the lakes, but instead advised them to go to swimming pools.

Afande Kawesa says that the point concerning “lifists” is going to be tough allover the country in sectors of transport, beach, religion, as well as terrorism.

“Some people go to the beach to rape women and do all kind of rubbish.” Says Afande Kawesa.

It is on this note that he warned beach owners to be so strict on issues concerning security, dress code as well as who goes into the waters.

He adds that Uganda police is aware of the terrorists who want to kill innocent Ugandans. On this note he says that they are not going to give them a chance to kill innocent people. He adds that churches and all happening places must have check points where those without required gadgets shall be forced to close.

On issues concerning traffic, Afande Kaweesa says that they have deployed enough police on the roads and all people who drive cars must have valid documents allowing them to do so.